Press releases

Press releases
April 2013
Telecare and Independent Ageing Conference
Date: Friday 17th May 2013 9.15am – 4.00pm
Venue: Academy of Medical Sciences, 41 Portland Street, London W1B 1QH

The AKTIVE project (Advancing Knowledge of Telecare for Independence and Vitality in later lifE) is organising a one-day conference in London on Friday 17th May 2013. The conference is an opportunity to disseminate initial information gained through AKTIVE research and knowledge generated through other Assisted Living Innovation Platform projects and to obtain feedback and insights from stakeholders in the telecare and wider assisted living industry on the topics being researched.
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December 2012
Empirical research in AKTIVE project: Everyday life Analysis
By Emma-Reetta Koivunen, Research Fellow at CIRCLE, University of Leeds

The AKTIVE project aims to explore the use of telecare in the everyday lives of older people experiencing memory problems or who are prone to falls.

One part of the project is called Everyday Life Analysis, a research method involving interviews with older people using telecare. Older people are now being recruited into the study (through local authority telecare services and a health trust) in two locations, Leeds and Oxfordshire. It is intended that approximately 30 households will be recruited in each location.
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