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Project background
Britain is ageing, with increasing numbers of older people continuing to live in their homes while suffering from medical conditions like memory problems or a susceptibility to falls. Memory problems and falls patients cost British society an estimates £38bn p.a., a figure set to rise.

The AKTIVE project is looking to explore the way telecare can be developed to help older people live a full and independent life. In particular, the project will investigate how telecare can help individuals who are prone to falls or have memory problems. It will also examine how telecare can benefit those caring for older individuals, both paid and unpaid carers.

The results from this research will be key enablers to ensure that UK telecare manufacturers, distributors and support services have access to the necessary user analysis to get telecare products and services to market.

AKTIVE’s core objectives are :

To improve the quality of life of older individuals’ with memory problems / susceptibility to falls and sustain their independence
To enable family care givers to continue their care / support of older family members alongside work and other roles
To enhance and modernise social care / support in a cost effective way.
To provide the necessary tools and intelligence to telecare companies for developing and commercialising successful telecare products and services

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