23rd May 2014, Daresbury Laboratory
Assistive & healthcare technologies – design, adoption and service best practice
Inventya Ltd invites you to a free workshop, exploring key factors affecting new product and service innovations for health and care technologies. These include design factors, adoption & user behaviour, drivers in statutory provider markets and emerging b2c models. We’ll also cover future UK & EU funding opportunities for SMEs keen to develop and bring to market new technologies for users in the health, care and ageing sectors.

Please contact Fiona Barker at [email protected] for more detail.

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8th – 9th April 2014, Leeds University
Technology, Care and Ageing: Enhancing Independence
This conference will be the conclusion of the AKTIVE project and the key findings of the project will be presented. As part of the final conference of this project, we are seeking papers and presentations exploring the role of telecare and other technologies, such as telehealth, in supporting older people at home.
We welcome this opportunity to invite other experts and practitioners in this field to contribute.

Please contact Radka Bartosova at [email protected] for more detail.

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22nd May 2013, The Social Care Innovation Hub, Leeds University
Telecare and caring networks: how does telecare fit in?
AKTIVE researchers Emma-Reetta Koivunen and Gary Fry will present initial findings on the ongoing research. This presentation in CIRCLE and Care-Connect seminar series ‘‘Caring in the Family’, will focus on telecare and carers of older people. These technologies can be used to support independent living and family carers. However, the possibilities of the technology are balanced with the needs and abilities of the people using these technologies, their carers and care workers, and in many cases the local authorities who pay for these services.

To book a place at this event and for more details, please visit:

17th May 2013, Academy of Medical Sciences, London
Telecare and Independent Ageing Conference
The AKTIVE project (Advancing Knowledge of Telecare for Independence and Vitality in later lifE) is organising a one-day conference in London on Friday 17th May 2013. Mid-way through AKTIVE, the conference is an opportunity to disseminate initial information gained through AKTIVE research and knowledge generated through other Assisted Living Innovation Platform projects and to obtain feedback and insights from stakeholders in the telecare and wider assisted living industry on the topics being researched.

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