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Research project such as AKTIVE could never happen without the contribution of industry stakeholders. To this date, the team would like to thank to a number of adult social services representatives from local authorities across the UK, assisted living technologies manufacturers, retailers and geriatric care professionals for their time and effort which helped us to generate knowledge about the state of the assisted living market in the UK.

As discussed in the article ‘Mapping consumer routes to market‘, Inventya is currently conducting research into mapping the routes to market for telecare technologies. The market research team is in particular interested to hear from:

Anybody who buys, sells or provides telecare technologies or is considering to do so in the future
Retailers, specialist retailers, electronics retailers, online retailers
Telecare technology providers (manufacturers)
Clinical Commissioning Groups, Commissioning Support Services, Strategic Health Authorities
Local authorities
Domiciliary care providers
Specialist retirement accommodation providers
Health Insurers
System integrators
Contract manufacturers, distributors
If you are one of the above or doing research on similar topic, please get in touch: [email protected]

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